Monday, August 14, 2017

Hey all, I'm back again just wanted to update you guys with what I am into now.
Ive been going through some tough things in life, just dealing with depression and growing up, learning the hard way is (imo) an understatement.I have been watching activist reveal where the world is heading and its taking its toll on my whole outlook on this gig called life I got set up with, I (and you) must have done some bad crap in our past life to deserve all this bs. It also makes me appreciate not having everything handed to me and how much honor and courage it takes to even wake up. Anyways I am currently wanting to get into freelance writing and learn all that good grammar and what not, feels like I'm going to turn into a grammar nazi or something lol. But yeah hopefully I can get some extra side income with that.
      So I am going to be switching up this blog from music to my new interest which are self help and innovative/alternative ideas. Hope you will trust me you won't see it coming.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

my video about what i endorsesome things i forgot to mention are these, im researching spirutaulity now, and here are some things i endorse 100%
theathiestexperiance= youtube channel, breaks down any religous nut's argument to reveal nonsense.
we are change = youtube channel, activism, best reporting ive seen.
AMTV= another youtube channel, activism, preparing for bad events
freedomfeens= podcasters about anarchy and real freedom
teal swan=spiritual teacher/healer/professional
ralph smart=spiritual teacher/life tips
koi fresko=spiritual teacher/life tips
ryan cropper= spiritual teacher

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So yeah im a recovering pacifist/degenerate I used to not care about life because of how I was raised.